Flex Watches - a collection of unique timepieces designed and created to help raise funds and awareness towards some of the world’s most crippling health and socioeconomic issues.

“Flex Watches” supports causes such as Breast Cancer, Hunger, Anti-Bullying, the need for clean water in rural communities, helping our military Veterans and more, by committing 10% of its sales to these and other causes.

Flex Watches come in ten different colors – each signifying a particular cause. For example, the plain or patterned pink shade signifies Breast Cancer, while the quest to provide communities with Clean Water, is represented by the plain or patterned blue.

Flex Watches are bright, fun, and colorful - allowing people to start conversations about the causes they care about from a place of positivity and hope. We really believe it's time to make a difference and that we can create a better world if we work together.

With every purchase of a Flex Watch, 10% of the proceeds are dedicated to organizations whose goal is to work towards the respective cause.