Mike and Scott J. Ciprari (SJC) started assembling drums when they were 13 and 14 years old. Scott was always the hands-on, builder type while Mike simply loved the cosmetic aspect of drums. The Ciprari basement was filled with boxes of drum parts and their Grandma’s basement was their assembly room. As they got better at building, they figured it was time to get some of their friends to use their drums and start spreading the word. Bands like A Wilhelm Scream and Strike Anywhere were some of the first to get endorsements from the brothers. It was just a gamble to see if things would take off and the guys were actually losing money. Little did they know they would soon move into their first warehouse and some of the biggest bands in the world were about to be banging on SJC Drums.

SJC has been expanding with a roster of heavy hitting artists, a dedicated staff, and eventually moving out of the basement and into a warehouse. SJC Drums isn’t a hobby anymore, it’s a lifestyle. They know what needs to happen to make the dream come true and they’re already surpassing that. With a new C.O.O. hired and investment help from The Profit's Marcus Lemonis, the company is getting a major overhaul and has already decreased their turnaround time from six months to two. Mike wants to stay away from touring for a while for his sanity and help the grow the business. Continuing to innovate, expand and collect new artists is the overall goal. I don’t think Mike and his brother ever thought of getting out of their Grandmother’s basement, let alone having offices on both coasts, a full staff and being a household name in the music world. When you run an empire you don’t take breaks.

Location: Southbridge, Massachusetts
Instagram: Sjcdrumbs