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Anytime, Anywhere Fitness Trends

It’s never been easier for people to get in a workout on the go. Here are a few anytime, anywhere fitness trends on the rise.

by Marcus Lifestyle Team

Today’s World is Constantly On The Go

With not a minute to spare, it can be a daunting task trying to find ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. It may seem impossible to find open time for fitness in your calendar, but that doesn’t have to be the case. More people are finding ways to crack this code by developing new anytime, anywhere fitness routines. These routines were developed with the average person’s hectic schedule in mind. Add some balance to your day and learn how to incorporate more fitness into your life with a few of these routines and tips.

Image of someone stretching while at their desk.

Current Fitness Trends To Look Into

One of the fastest rising fitness trends doesn’t even require you to leave the office. Desk workouts are quickly becoming a staple in many office spaces among employees. Sitting down for many hours without activity can actually be a detriment to your health. That’s what led to the rise of the desk workout trend. So, rather than stopping by the gym after work, here are just a few ways you can bring the gym to your desk.

Breathe & Stretch:

Relieve tension in your shoulders, wrists, and neck by incorporating various yoga stretches. Deep breathing exercises will also help release some of the pressure that may build up in your lower back.

Leg Raises:

This routine is a great way to stimulate your leg and abdominal muscles without missing any work calls. Sit upright and straighten your leg so it’s parallel to the ground. Hold it in place for about 10-15 seconds. Then switch to the other leg.

Yoga Ball:

The yoga ball is one of the most versatile exercise tools on the planet and now, it’s finding its way into the workplace. A growing trend is actually replacing the office chair for a few hours of the day with the yoga ball. This will give your entire core a rigorous workout from the comfort of your desk.

Image of someone sitting on a medicine ball chair at their desk.

Fitness Trends/Routines For On The Go

Arguably the biggest fitness trend right now is wearable technology. Our watches aren’t just telling time anymore. Now they’re keeping track of our heart rate, how many hours we’ve slept, and reminding us we’re still 200 steps away from today’s target goal. With wearable tech becoming more accessible, many are using it as extra motivation to elevate their workout goals or challenge their friends to stay active. Another rapidly increasing fitness trend is also in the digital fitness space, virtual trainers.

With more people looking to squeeze in a workout at home in their off-time, virtual trainers and on demand workout classes allow them to jump into a class anytime they want. The best part is the wide variety of fitness courses available to consumers online in both free and premium subscription platforms. High intensity interval workouts are also one of the biggest growing trends for the person on the go. The beauty of it is most routines will only take 15-25 minutes tops. These workout routines focus on short bursts of high energy cardio, balanced with calm recovery yoga stretches or deep breathing. The combination of exercise routines that can fit into your high intensity interval training are endless. In fact, many like to create their own personal routine and change it up daily. These are just a few examples of some of the most popular fitness trends that can be accomplished anytime, anywhere.

Image of someone using a fitness tracker watch.

Tips For Beginners Starting A Fitness Regimen

The most beneficial tip a beginner can get is setting the proper expectations. Unfortunately the human body needs more than one day of grueling exercise to reach peak physical condition. That’s why it’s important for beginners not to get frustrated when first starting their workout routines. Like everything else in life, it takes countless hours to perfect.

The same can be said for someone’s physical health. It requires a level of dedication and commitment to maintain that active lifestyle, even on the days where you simply don’t have the energy. Give it time and stay the course, the results will follow. Additionally, allow yourself to celebrate small victories by establishing realistic goals. Revel in your accomplishments when you finally increase a mile time or set a new personal weight training record. By setting realistic goals, you can see your accomplishments and feel the sense of pride with each moment of progress.

Image of someone doing yoga.

The hardest step to making physical fitness a daily habit isn’t day 1 of your routine, it’s doing it again on days 2, 3, 4, and 5.

However, there’s never been an easier time to fit in a workout from any location. Fitness trends continue to move more into the “anytime, anywhere” model because life gets busy for everyone. That doesn’t mean that your physical health has to suffer. Make the time to incorporate these tips into your daily routine and find news ones online that excite you to get back at it again the next day.