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Book America’s Favorite Entrepreneur, CEO, & TV personality, Marcus Lemonis, to inspire and enlighten the attendees at your next event!

Image of Marcus Lemonis at a speaking event.
Get Motivated with Marcus!

Marcus speaks on such a wide range of topics like business, fashion, cooking, outdoors and more – so his presentation can be catered specifically to your group. Whether it’s in person or via Zoom, Marcus will take your event to the next level!

“Profound, encouraging, enlightening, motivating. I felt seen and heard as a small business owner and motivated to move forward as a leader and decision maker to get my business, and especially my employees on track for success.”
— Maggie Phillips from Aspire Denver Event
“Marcus was excellent. People loved his presentation. He was so generous with his time before talking to the president and conference team to get input and let them know he was here for them. A true home run.”
— Suzanne Manzi, Harry Walker Agency
“Best speaker we've ever had, even virtual.”
— Robin Robins, Tech Mktg Toolkit
“Marcus was truly incredible.”
— Scalable Impact
“His level of vulnerability was staggering. Because of how open he was, he truly altered the course of thousands of lives today.”
— Technology Marketing Toolkit
“Marcus is an emotional intelligence ninja. The interactive format was innovative and touched all of our hearts.”
— YPO Chicago Chapter
“One of my all-time favorite speakers we have had.”
— Roland Frasier, Traffic and Conversion Summit
“Marcus was absolutely incredible. I could feel the energy shift in the room and see how many people he was reaching including myself. He is authentic and comes from a place of heart felt love. I could listen to him speak all day! I look forward to going to future events.”
— Stephanie Garcia from Aspire Ontario event
“Marcus was unbelievable! He was so generous with his time. He literally spoke solid for over 2 1/2 hrs straight in two different sessions and blew our minds.”
— Shop Hackers Conference
“A tremendous success.”
— U.S. Small Business Administration
“Watch out! Marcus Lemonis will entertain you with inspirational stories and then suddenly deliver honest and actionable advice that can change your life for the better... If you haven't had the chance to hear Marcus Lemonis speak at a live event, then you're missing out!”
— ERock Christopher from Aspire Fort Lauderdale event.
“He was AMAZING, and exactly what our members needed to hear.”
— Jennifer Lier, American Gem Society
“He was phenomenal! What a great human being. He was warm and engaging, took photos with fans, and made our sponsors feel very important.”
— Madeline Littrell, Intel
“Marcus really cares about people individually. This is so evident in how he speaks with love to audiences. He's not just there to deliver his presentation, he is there to find out about the people and help them!”
— Chris Cameron, ClickFunnels
“The speech was amazing and very personal. We loved how he involved the audience the entire time. Marcus made our event so intimate and personal for every person in the audience. We have booked big speakers for our events before and I have never seen anything like what took place during Marcus' speech.”
— Kyle Hiersche, Real Estate LIVE Events