The Fixer

The Fixer is an electrifying series featuring the incomparable Marcus Lemonis, who you may know from CNBC’s The Profit. We’re on the hunt for ambitious business owners craving a game-changing revitalization for their companies. Step up, seize this golden opportunity, and reignite your business!

For more than a decade, Marcus Lemonis, the driving force behind CNBC’s The Profit, dedicated himself to assisting and empowering businesses. Now, you have the chance to renovate your own company.

Are you willing to take the opportunity to revitalize and grow your business? To get Marcus’ attention—and maybe an investment, loan, or grant—business owners will need to prove that they are open to welcoming Marcus and playing by his rules.

If you are chosen, Marcus will hold you accountable, set high expectations, and measure performance. It will be a business boot camp, but in front of a camera. Think you and your business have what it takes? Apply to be featured in an episode of Marcus Lemonis’ new business series, The Fixer.

Introducing “The Quick Fix” a new docuseries where Marcus Lemonis will spend a few hours digging into your business to create the perfect plan… in record time. As you’ll see first-hand, not all transformations take months to complete. With Lemonis’ incredible business acumen and infectious energy, he’ll quickly inject new life into your business like never before.

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