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Streets of Dreams

From the Emmy-Award® winning producers of “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown,” comes a series starring The Profit’s Marcus Lemonis. Discover the stories of the entrepreneurs and the unique business cultures that define America’s most iconic streets in this exciting five-episode series, Streets of Dreams.

Watch as Marcus travels across the country, pulling back the curtain on the most renowned and influential streets that fuel America’s most vital business cultures. From diamond dealing on Manhattan’s 47th Street, to country music on Nashville’s Music Row, to the marijuana industry on Denver’s Green Mile, Lemonis shares the stories of those determined to make it in America.

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Episode 1

Diamond District (New York, NY)

The City That Never Sleeps is on full display as Marcus explores the 24-billion-dollar block on 47th Street in New York City. With the massive exodus from the city, will it stay as lucrative as it was? Find out as Marcus learns all about the diamond business in the Empire State.

Episode 2

Music Row (Nashville, TN)

An unassuming Nashville street that is at the heart of America’s multi-billion-dollar country music industry is struck hard by the recent pandemic. Watch as Marcus learns all about the music industry and why artists keep flocking to Nashville with a song and a dream, in our most soulful episode yet.


Episode 3

Calle Ocho (Miami, FL)

Little Havana, the booming capital of Cuban-American culture and one of the most iconic streets in all of Miami, Florida. See what happens when Marcus goes back to his hometown and explores the importance of the Latin community in local small businesses.


Episode 4

Harbor Drive (San Diego, CA)

See what makes it the heart of the city’s emerging “blue economy” – an under-the-radar economic sector worth 1.5 trillion dollars worldwide — and discover why they call it Navy Town USA. Explore the beauty and thriving business of Harbor Drive in this episode with Marcus Lemonis.

Episode 5

The Green Mile (Denver, CO)

Home of the original “Great Green Experiment” in legal marijuana, Marcus travels to the Mile High City to explore the booming business of Marijuana. Discover how this ever-changing business is regulated and how farmers grow their plants from seeds to profits.